19 January 2009


To provide with information, to teach or give instructions to.
You'll never guess what I'm learning!! Or trying to learn anyway :O)
We fly to Barcelona in July to stay with friends, Spanish friends. They speak English but I want to be able to make the effort to speak to their friends and family, in Spanish.
So here is my Pasos.

Hola, me llamo Mandy. ¿Y tĂș?


  1. Great shot. I would love to speak another language fluently. I can get by in French as long as they speak very, very slowly and I did study Spanish at school but have forgotten every last bit of it now. x

  2. Oh WOW I wouldn't have a clue. Great idea

  3. I really want to learn a new language, well done!

  4. Nice shot - good on you, I've always wanted to be able to speak another language. Have only got very poor school french - can just about order stamps for postcards :)

  5. Great picture. We're trying to learn Espanol here, too!

  6. Great shot and good on you! I took french all through school (mandatory here in Canada) but can hardly remember a word of it. I keep meaning to get back to it. You're an inspiration!