30 January 2009


The cardinal number that is the sum of two and one and a prime number.

29 January 2009


A series of steps to facilitate passage from one level to another.

All I had available today as the twins are home ill. A very short staircase!

28 January 2009


A device for holding together two parts such that one can swing relative to the other.

27 January 2009


To cut or chip in order to form something.

26 January 2009


To get rid of as useless or undesireable.

I wonder how long these dirty, odd socks will lay discarded on the living room floor if I don't move them?
Neither of the boys want to find the missing half to the pairs, and yes, they are smelly!

25 January 2009


Centre Parcs, Cumbria - December 2004. We like to try and get away just before Christmas and this is where we retreat too.
The little boy is Jed, my step son. He's not so little now though!

24 January 2009



This is an old photo, Abi when she was 4 weeks old :O)

23 January 2009


A liquid that is essential for plant and animal life.

After a hard day this is the best water ever! Bubble bath water :O)


The pointed or rounded end or extremity of something slender or tapering.

Have pondered over this one, finger tips, tip toes, pen tips......
Ray suggested this one, Yoda's pointy finger tips!

21 January 2009


A distinctive and typically pleasant smell.

Raspberry, Mmmmmmm.

20 January 2009


A sweet and fleshy product of a tree or plant.

19 January 2009


To provide with information, to teach or give instructions to.
You'll never guess what I'm learning!! Or trying to learn anyway :O)
We fly to Barcelona in July to stay with friends, Spanish friends. They speak English but I want to be able to make the effort to speak to their friends and family, in Spanish.
So here is my Pasos.

Hola, me llamo Mandy. ¿Y tĂș?

18 January 2009


I took this shot on a freezing cold but bright day. It must of been the way the light hit the camera or something as to why it turned out like this but I like it, looks like a frosty day anyway.

17 January 2009


I love this shot of Jack and my mum and dads puppy, Molly.

16 January 2009

Happy Daisy giveaway!

Have just come across this site and Happy Daisy is giving followers the chance to win a Scrabble Tile Pendant and pretty snake chain!

HappyDaisyAZ blog post

How cool is that! And what a great site, it's like finding a pot of gold :O) xox


A geometric shape with four equal sides.
A square peephole from Auckland Deer House, built in 1767.
The whole thing is square and very beautiful.

15 January 2009


Merry, full of fun, delightful and enjoyable.
Again this had to be the kids and I think this shot just captures how jolly they can be!


An athletic game or pastime, often competitive, involving physical capability.
I wanted to get a shot of Jed at Taekwondo but as it was the wrong day and I didn't want to wait to get my shot up, I went for Jacks Taekwondo uniform showing his 'student of the month' badge! Very proud mommy :O)


To touch, hold or move with the hand or a part of anything designed to be held or grasped by the hand.
This one was very hard as there is so many things that I could of used but I couldn't make up my mind! Typical woman eh.

The handle is on my bedroon door and Ray found it at a tip years ago. It's very old, but then so is the door.


The application of mechanical or scientifics for industrial or commercial use.
This so had to be my laptop. The one piece of technology I have really taken to and wouldn't like to have to go without and I had to have HSMSHS on screen!!


Show off Sunday!!!!
I love this photo of the twins taken at Alnwick Gardens, they had so much fun and I was very pleased with the shots of them playing in the water.


SPS +!
Self / Someone portrait Saturday + a challenge! Go on, just give it a go!
Take a portrait from an unusual angle.

An old photo I had taken of the twins when we were having fun!


Made, built or having lived for a long time.

I found myself out and about getting today's shot. I visited Auckland Castle in Bishop Auckland, which has been the home of the Bishops of Durham for over 800 years, and is still the bishop's official residence today.


Made by your own hands rather than factory made or shop bought.

As soon as I thought of homemade, I thought of the twins. They are the only thing that I have "made" that I am really proud of.
When you are pregnant people use sayings like, 'you've a bun in the oven' well I watched Jack and Abigail 'cook' for 3 months as they were born 3 months premature!


A round, ball shaped object.

This is Rays orrery. It stands on the mantle so when it was sphere, I had quite a few of them right in front of me.
They are pretty cool too and would of looked a lot better if the shot hadn't been took with my mobile phone camera!

Heart ♥

A representation of a persons thoughts and emotions. Find some heart in your space today.

This is the only heart I could find but it's the one that I see every day. It was given to my by Ray and it's kept on my bedside drawers <3


To welcome in the new year, the definition of our first word is 'the source, origin or commencement of something. Show us 'Beginning' in your space.

This is my aloe plant, the first plant that I have managed to keep alive.
It was given to my by a friend and it was dying from being over watered! It took me a few weeks to find it a place in the house that it liked and it has thrived ever since and give off more babies than I can keep up with.

So there's my beginning, the beginning of new life.


Hello again :O) thought it was time I found a home for what looks like my new hobby, photography!
I had stumbled across HSMSHS a while ago and kept popping in to peek at everybodys contribution to the site. Well I finally decided to join in and was overwhelmed by the kind comments and how welcome I was made to feel.

As far as photography is concerned I'm a total novice. I enjoy browsing snaps and love taking photos of my kids and places we visit.
I don't have a professional camera, am using a Samsung s1050 but I have managed to get some lovely shots with it.

I'm starting to teach myself how to use Photoshop, with help from a new buddie, Lucy. What a laugh that is! It's like looking at something in a foreign language but I'm sure I'll get there in the end.

So I guess you'll be seeing more of me instead of just hearing more from me. But saying that I'm also on a diet so I'm hoping you see slightly less of me :O)
Feel free to visit me at:

I don't skinny dip.........I CHUNKY DUNK!

Well thanks for popping in and please come again!