15 January 2009


Hello again :O) thought it was time I found a home for what looks like my new hobby, photography!
I had stumbled across HSMSHS a while ago and kept popping in to peek at everybodys contribution to the site. Well I finally decided to join in and was overwhelmed by the kind comments and how welcome I was made to feel.

As far as photography is concerned I'm a total novice. I enjoy browsing snaps and love taking photos of my kids and places we visit.
I don't have a professional camera, am using a Samsung s1050 but I have managed to get some lovely shots with it.

I'm starting to teach myself how to use Photoshop, with help from a new buddie, Lucy. What a laugh that is! It's like looking at something in a foreign language but I'm sure I'll get there in the end.

So I guess you'll be seeing more of me instead of just hearing more from me. But saying that I'm also on a diet so I'm hoping you see slightly less of me :O)
Feel free to visit me at:

I don't skinny dip.........I CHUNKY DUNK!

Well thanks for popping in and please come again!

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