30 July 2009

13 July 2009




HSMSHS Project Week

We're having a little shake up in our routine this week and decided to have a project week! 5 days, 5 prompts but all with one common theme - 'Nature's Beauty'.

There's no end of inspiration at this time of year. You can step out into your garden, local park, beach, field, mountains. Snap the flowers, trees, landscape, people, animals.

We will be giving you all 5 of this weeks prompts today, so you can have a little time to prepare. Please link your contribution (directly please to the photo not simply to your blog) as at the end of the week we will be producing a gallery of images to be posted here on HSMSHS of all contributions. By linking your photo in the comments section you give approval for us to post the photo on this blog.

So, Here's a brief outline of the project .....

Nature's Beauty
Nature's Beauty - Day 1

All 5 prompts from this week will come under the over-arching theme of Nature's Beauty. However, for each day there is a sub-heading which are as follows :

Monday - Yellow
Tuesday - Green
Wednesday - Purple
Thursday - Pink
Friday Red

If you would like a little extra challenge, try some Macro photography. Most cameras have a macro setting, and if your camera doesn't you can always use your photo editing software to crop to give the appearance of a macro shot.

10 July 2009


The act of going up.

These are the steps up to the top of High force.

09 July 2009


Badly Behaved.

Ice cream cakes, yummy! I would be very naughty if I was let loose with one of them. I'd love a brithday cake from Archers Jersey ice cream :O)

08 July 2009


The number after two and before four.

Three little muffins, that tasted very nice :O)

07 July 2009


Decorated, not plain.

I bought this my brocade luminary that I bought for my bedroom, very plain but fancy I think.

06 July 2009


To organise in seniority or hierarchy, one above the other.

High Force, beautiful.

04 July 2009

Race For Life

Tomorrow is the big day!