16 January 2010

The Best Way To Begin The B's

So we're into our B weeks already, I feel that this year is going to fly over!

Ok, so I kicked off our B's with a big glass of Baileys and I'm now relaxing whilst watching the Bounty Hunter. I love this show and so do the kids, they love seeing the bad guys being caught. Plus Duane Lee is hot ;O)

I also have planned on watching Beaches, never seen it all the way through before! I'll read Body Rides by Richard Laymon and will try and bake Brownie Biscotti, I never feel very confident with any kind of biscuits so we'll see what happens with that one.

I hardly ever eat burgers but I have bought some that are only 5 syns per pack of 4, so I'm going to enjoy Burger for my supper tonight whilst I sort out our budget, another thing that I hardly ever do but really needs doing.

With the kids I'd like to make Balloon animals and some bird feeders 'cos I think we're going to have this cold weather for a long time.


  1. Never seen Bounty Hunter. Snap with the burgers we are having home made ones tonight - yum. Bridget Jones is on TV tonight so I might watch that.

  2. Great B's love the angle the bailys bottle is shot from,

    i've never seen bounty hunter either!!!

    the the B's are gonna be a breeze xxx

  3. Love Beaches- plenty of tissues!! Like Steph says I think B is going to be easy. Like the sound of Brownie Biscotti - I've made biscotti as Christmas presents. It's very hard and is a definite for dunking but yummy! In case you haven't seen this before can I recommend http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/banking/Budget-planning. (hope you don't think I'm being too cheeky!)

  4. Cheers Chris, not cheeky at all!

    I'm really looking forward to making Biscotti now. xox