04 August 2009

Snippits from Barcelona

Kids really know how to live it up!

One of Gaudi's strang but wonderful buildings.

Were we stayed, very high up on a mountain in Matadpera.

A very hot day in the park.

Matadpera on a lovely evening.

Floc and Lluna. Lluna was kind enough to put extra air conditioning in Jacks flip flops! lol.

Abi and Jans duck club, lol.

The boys having fun on the wii, passing away the time when it was too hot to leave the house.

This is "the spooky tree" at the top of the mountain!!!

They can be sweet :O)

Rays birthday celebrations. We'd been out for lunch and then went back to friends, a little girl called Nerea was also celebrating her birthday and gave Ray a piece of cheese cake with a candle in so we could sing to him :O)

Rays little friend!

Veiw of Barcelona from Tibdado.

Our Sunday meet with friends, the kids didn't want to go home.

Frog man Jack!

We spent the day at the aquarium cos it was just so hot, the kids loved it.


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  1. It looks like you all had a fabulous time. I'm not jealous one little bit!!! Well maybe a little :)