02 February 2009

Catch up + Orange

A bright, warm colour produced from mixing red and yellow paint.

And this weekends catch up!

Just because I love this shot.

SPS + challenge is my model, Amy from my media nails presentation.


  1. I'm loving the hair :-)
    that sos photo is a good shot indeed!

  2. Great idea for "orange" Love that nail shot

  3. Fab idea for orange and those are some serious nails!! Scary !

  4. Love the orange!
    The door makes me think of castle side doors.
    The nails are some serious nails!

  5. Hey, go you :-) What a great take on orange :-)

    I want to go beyond the door . . . it's has that quality of the unknown about it. No! Don't tell me what is behind it . . . I'll let my imagination run riot!

    I need to know more about the nail photo. It's absolutely amazing . . . so creative.

    See you on FB and hope your day turned out well.


  6. Agree with the others - great take on orange, great door & although the nails are amazing I couldn't possibly cope with anything like that. You say you did a media nail course - what does that mean??